Tuesday, September 22, 2009

15 The Valiant Part 2

Enterprise's mission is interrupted by a transmission from an old friend bearing news of great magnitude. Could one of Starfleet's greatest captains truly have been found at last?

Listen: Star Trek: Lost Frontier 15 - The Valiant, Part 2

Download (24:34, 33.7 MB, released 2009.09.22)

Written by George S. Nader

Featured in the cast were

Mark Bruzee as Captain Rupert Trask
Laura Post as Commander Kathryn Niles
David Ault as Lieutenant Andrew Winfred
Karl Puder as Emperor Korg
Lucien Dodge as Ensign Kirk
Ben Harmer as Lieutenant? Liem Kincaid
Michael King As Rouk
Elie Hirschman as Zog and Chief Backus
April Sadowski As Captain Karen Dalonna
Mark Kalita as Commander Mak
Seth Adam Sher as Mr. Rekla
Judah Friese as Lieutenant Friese

This episode was produced and directed by Chris Williams
Post Production work By Chris Williams