Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Fallen Empire

Star Trek - Lost Frontier, Episode 5: The Fallen Empire

Starfleet Command sends the Enterprise to investigate what has becomes of the Klingon Empire after the Infection struck. But along the way they make a shocking discovery.

(24:35, 22.7 MB, released 2007.11.01)

Written by Eric Busby

Featured in the cast were:

Mark Bruzee as Rupert Trask
Laura Post as Kate Niles
David Ault as Andrew Winfred
Elie Hirchman as Zog
Ben Harmer as Liem Kincaid
Lucien Dodge as Sid Kirk
Jeanine Yamanaka as T'Loc
Mark Kalita as Mak
MJ Cogburn as Angelina Jones
Seth Adam Sher as Director Cross
Karl Puder as Emperor Korg
Seth Adam Sher as the announcer

This episode was written and directed by Eric Busby

Post Production by Eric Busby